10 Books You Must Read To Be Successful Entrepreneur


Could you be a successful entrepreneur by reading books? Well, books are the biggest assets of a business. There are many billionaires (Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos) who advise you to read as much as possible. So, before you start reading, I will tell you 10 books that have helped me to grow my company and I will advise you the same based on my experience.

I would suggest you to read these books if you wish to study about business and entrepreneurship.

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10 books you should read to become successful

Why You Should Read Business Books?

These days, a lot of people are itching for business.

Perhaps because they dislike their work or want to be their own boss or maybe they’re really enthusiastic about it and YES, it’s definitely possible.

If you are truly excited about starting your own company and want to go ahead in the long run, these are the Ten books that will change your attitude of looking at business.

#1. Zero To One

Zero to One is a book written by Peter Thiel and co-written by blake masters, This book was # 1 best seller in the New York Times and is focused on how to create a successful startup. Peter Theil is an entrepreneur and investor himself, and has founded several popular companies such as Paypal and Funders Fund.

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Peter Theil has shared several concepts in this book which will help you know how to create your billion-dollar business. If you’re interested in growth and entrepreneurship this book will change your life.

#2. Thinking Fast and Slow

Before you introduce yourself to the author, Let me ask you a question: if I bought a bat and a ball, and the bat ‘s price is 100rs more than the ball ‘s price, what is the ball ‘s price? Many of us would respond 10rs, but if you think slowly and focus, you’ll know that the ball ‘s price is 5rs (relax and concentrate, you’ll get it). Most of us answered 10 because our mind was thinking fast.

Thinking Slow is when you calculate something like 72 * 12, you ‘re going to think about it and take some time but you’re going to answer it correctly.

Daniel Kahneman wrote this book and discussed how we can make the right decision by thinking quickly and slowly, I just shared an example above, but after reading this book,

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You ‘re going to get to know a lot of that stuff that will certainly affect your thinking patterns.

Decision-making is the most valuable skill for any business person and entrepreneur and this book can help you make your choices wisely so every business owner should read this book.

#3. The One Thing

What is the one thing that you can do to make everything else simpler or pointless by doing it?

This book is written by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, they explain you should focus on one thing and strive for it. If you are able to focus on one goal, no one else will ever be able to defeat you and this will help you achieve your goals in less time as well.

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If you wish to prioritize your activities, and prevent distractions. It’s a book every entrepreneur and business owner should read.

#4. How to make friends and influence people

“How to make friends and influence people” is an excellent book written by Dale Carnegie, The book was published in October 1936 which focused on how you can make friends by improving your communication skills and influence people. This book has become a world-renowned bestseller selling over 30 million copies.

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With the power of persuasion this book has helped many business owners and individuals improve their lives. Knowing the value of communication is most important for any business owner so you must definitely give a read to this book.

#5. Rich Dad Poor Dad

After more than 6 years a # 1 NewYork bestseller has sold more than 32 million copies worldwide. Robert Kiyosaki writes this book, this book will give you an overview of the idea of money and investment. Robert Kiyosaki describes the disparity between Rich and Poor mindsets.

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This book was written in over 51 different languages and has been released in 109 countries. You must certainly read this book if you want to change your attitude about money.

#6. The Blue Ocean Strategy

This book was written by W chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne during the year 2004. The book is based on a marketing philosophy that is geared towards generating new consumer demand.

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Blue Ocean Strategy has sold more than 4 million copies worldwide and has become a bestseller on five continents. They also published this book in 46 languages. If you wish to establish a monopoly and new business potential, you must read this book.

#7. The 80/20 principle

The principle of 80/20, also known as the Pareto principle, is the book that focuses on how you can work less, earn more and enjoy more. If you want to achieve more and stress less, this book is definitely worth a read.

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The author of this book Robert Koch explained the principle of 80/20 as the principle of unequal distribution of inputs and outputs. Business owners should definitely read this book to work less and earn more.

#8. Triggers

Joseph Sugerman writes this book, and this book focuses on a truly valuable skill for a business owner and entrepreneur that is how to market a commodity. The book is very small and the subjects are appropriate, there are 30 psychological triggers discussed by Joseph Sugerman, he also wrote about how he used them and supported himself, and how they can help you.

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This book will help you to understand human behavior and how people in different circumstances react differently, and how this human behavior will help you generate sales. 

#9. The intelligent investor

“The Intelligent Investor” is one of the best books ever published on investing, written by Benjamin graham. Published in 1949 this book solved over millions of copies worldwide.

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Even Warren Buffet has also reviewed saying “The best book ever written on investment to date.” If you want to know “value investment” in the long run, this book should certainly be read.

If you want to know more about investment, you can read Top 5 best investment ideas for best returns.

#10. Think and grow rich

The last (but not least) book I advise you to read is “Think and Grow Rich,” this book was written by Napoleon Hill in 1937 and has sold over 100 million copies worldwide.

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This book is marketed as a book for personal growth and self-improvement, Napoleon hill has shared some concepts you can learn and explained how you can use them to make yourself wealthy and effective. If you are a business owner, read this book.


So, above are the Ten books that you should read before entering any business as it would give you maximum knowledge of money, investment, and expansion of your business. These books are all bestsellers in the world and will surely help you succeed.

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