20 Effective Ways in 2021 To Earn Money Online In India


India is the second-largest country in the world after China, considered not only in terms of population but also when using the internet. India has about 560 million + internet users, and it would be a shame if we were not yet using the internet to make money.

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How can you earn money online in India?

There are many ways to help you earn money online in India and this article is for you if you’re interested in knowing any of them.

Here are the 20 legitimate ways you can earn money online in India.

1. Earn on Fiverr As Freelancer

You always have this option when it comes to earning money online. You can work on-line as a freelancer. There are several online companies that allow you to become freelancers for others.

Image Source- Flexjobs

Fiverr is the most popular website. Only go and update your seller profile on Fiverr. You may write as a freelancer for another writer, or design a website or some other service.

2. Earn from social media

Do you know, people earn thousands of rupees from Instagram and Facebook? You can also do that anyway.

Wanna know how? I’ll tell you.

Image Source- Blue Fountain Media
  • All you need to do is start a Facebook or/and Instagram page and deliver useful content through it.
  • Gain a large number of followers.
  • When you got a broad and strong audience. Companies will pay you thousands of rupees to advertise their products or services on your Instagram and Facebook profiles.

3. Earn using Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is intended to promote goods of other individuals (or companies) on your website or on social media. You receive a commission each time you get a sale or conversion.

Also companies such as Flipkart and amazon provide affiliate marketing programs. You can be an affiliate of Amazon or Flipkart and promote the product you want and Earn money online (as commissions)

Image Source- Digital Vidya

Affiliate marketing is a primary source of revenue for many bloggers and social media influencers because it causes call-to-action messages to the public on the website and social media.

4. Earn From Blogging

A blog is a website designed to have content published as its subject. Often recognized as a blog post.

You can easily earn money online via your blog post once you start blogging and attract a decent number of audiences who are reading your content.

Image Source- Hotel Tech Report

What you need is to find a niche in which you can write a lot, seek to provide useful information through your blog to your audience, and if you get visitors every day, you can register and get paid for it on Google Adsense.

5. Create Ecommerce Store

Indian marketplaces are going E nowadays. People use a maximum of online services, and businesses also use online platforms to get maximum audience and conversions.

Image Source- MAK Digital Design

Starting an eCommerce shop is the perfect way to earn money online in India, as it helps you to manage anything from finding buyers to product selling. It is also very easy and pocket friendly as compared to starting a company offline.

If you already have an eCommerce store but you are unable to attract customers, Click here to read how can you attract customers to buy from your website.

6. Earn With YouTube

YouTube is a forum where you share your valuable video content with the public. There are a lot of Indian YouTubers who earn a lot of money via youTube.

You may also begin publishing your content by making and posting videos on youTube. Gain 1000 + subscribers and 4000 hours of streaming, then apply for Youtube monetization. You’ll need to connect your Google AdSense account to youtube to get paid for your monetized videos.

7. Earn With Stock Market

The Stock Market is the best place to help you raise loads of money online by investing money in different businesses. The stock market helps you to invest in the different firms, and as the stock price rises, you earn money.

Image Source – Forbes

You can easily earn money online in India by investing funds in the stock market. Nobody has ever become wealthy by saving money on their bank accounts. Rather than saving money on your bank accounts, research stocks, and investing your money in Stocks.

8. Earn With Data Entry Jobs

If you want to earn money online in India then you can easily apply for home data entry jobs.

In India there are several companies offering data entry jobs, you don’t need to be experienced and also you don’t have to think about investing any money on it. Only type in the data that the company provides and they pay you in exchange for it.

9. Earn From Domain Trading

Another way to earn money online in India is through online domain sales. All you need to do is look for the popular domain names that are available for sale on any domain site and if you find a decent domain name, you can purchase the domain and post it for sale again at a high price. You earn the difference between the price you bought and sold the domain.

Image Source – Domain

You can also buy expired domains from expired domains (Be sure they have good domain authority and backlinks) and sell them at Higher prices depending on the domain score.

10. Earn From Surveys

There are many websites that pay for doing surveys online. Some of the examples of these websites are TolunaSwagbucks and there are several more (You can google them).

Image Source – Quora

These websites ask you to perform tasks and share your user experience with the website. All you have to do is register on these websites and start taking surveys. Using this same strategy, you can earn money online in India.

11. Create a DropShipping Store

Dropshipping is the best way you can earn money online in India by spending very little money. It’s close to an eCommerce shop, but you don’t need to stock the products.

Image Source – Oberlo

You can create an eCommerce website easily with Shopify and, when you obtain an order, you must satisfy the order by delivering it directly from the third-party seller to the consumer. You can use HomeEkart as your third party supplier in India.

12. Earn Using SEO

Search engine optimization is a method to rank a business on Google or any search engine by improving the quality of the website’s content. As a result, your website will get maximum organic and unpaid traffic.

Image Source – Host Papa

You can learn how to optimize a website on search engines, and provide online and even offline SEO services. There are many agencies that charge a huge amount for a website to do SEO. You can provide freelancer SEO services on Fiverr

13. Selling Online Courses

If you’re talented enough to teach anyone, using the internet, you can earn money online in India. Everything you need to do is set up a valuable content and schedule the course online.

Image Source – Think Stock photos

Provide the content with optimum value, and encourage it. Any time a user purchases the course from your website, you’ll get paid. A lot of people sell courses online and earn a decent amount.

14. Write Content and Articles

You can earn money online in India if you are talented enough to write content for a website or a blog. What you need is strong writing and grammar skills.

Image Source – Josh Talks

A content writer would know what content on the website will attract the most clients.You should be professional enough to produce useful content that attracts target customers as well and helps in SEO websites.

Content writers are professional writers and these days they are paying a massive amount.

15. Earn From Graphic Design

These days, graphic design has caught the attention of many youth. It is an ability to imagine and articulate thoughts in image format. You have to be imaginative enough to use visual metaphors to express your thoughts. You can learn graphic design and earn money online if you are creative enough to convey thoughts through imaginations in images.

Image Source – Netleaf soft

Graphic designers charge a massive amount to create company logos and make images. 

16. Earn From Amazon & Flipkart

By using the Amazon and Flipkart services, you can easily earn money online in India. You just have to register a seller account and start selling on Amazon and Flipkart.

  • Analyze the product that you can sell on Amazon and Flipkart
  • Contact manufacturers on IndiaMART and Justdial, and buy the product from them at cheap prices.
  • Register yourself as a seller and sell the product on Amazon and Flipkart adding your profits.

17. Become a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is the one delivering outsource service from a remote location for companies and entrepreneurs. You can be a virtual assistant, and earn money online in India.

Virtual assistants help to monitor social media, arrange meetings, and plan small and medium-sized business activities. You can provide the companies with such services and charge money in exchange for them.

18. Write an ebook

Nowadays, the world is shifting digital and many people have moved from writing books to writing ebooks. In India, people charge thousands of rupees for writing an ebook.

Image Source – Search Engine Journal

So if you’re good at typing, and grammar, you can write an ebook and in exchange charge thousands of rupees. You can even advertise yourself as a freelancer using Fiverr and earn online. 

19. Become a Translator

If you can speak Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and in multiple languages, You can register on websites such as proZ or translatorsCafe. (there are several other websites that will pay you for the translation, You should get them googled) Translator’s demand is rising day by day, translators nowadays charge a minimum of $20 an hour. You can even learn a new language (tutorials are easily available on YouTube) and make some money online in India.

20. Design a Website

Getting a website is very important for any company that operates in the market, which is why website designers nowadays have so much demand. What you should do here is,

Image Source – UXweb-Design
  • YouTube search “how to build a website with WordPress.” (This is really easy and user friendly).
  • Learn how to build websites (around three or four different ones)
  • You can use the same websites to show your customers and approach nearby businesses to build a website.
  • Build websites for your customers and charge 7000-10000 rupees for each site you offer.


Above are the 20 different ways that could help you earn money online in India, but these are not the only ways. You will come across so many more forms that can help you make money online.

If this post helped you and if there is something that could help you make money online in India, Best of Luck to you.

Save yourself from scams. There are no online ways to make quick money. You have to work hard, devote yourself, and be patient enough to use the internet to earn money.

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