If you’re on business, you surely know the value of a customer. 

There are various customers that you encounter in daily life, but do you know that customers are usually divided into three categories?

Sounds exciting?

If you handle each customer according to his / her category, you will note that you are building a relationship with the customer and that he/she returns to you again and again.

Let us then move to the various categories of customers,

  1. Cold Customers:
  • These customers can also be described as “Fresh Customers”. Basically they do not know your company, Your products or services.  And in fact, they haven’t even heard of you. 
  • Whenever you meet a customer like this, be patient and try to get a good conversation going. You may help him recommend the goods or services that you have to sell or provide the best solutions that match their needs.
  • No matter, if you are selling online or offline. Your aim should be to upgrade the customer to the second category.

  1. Warm Customers:
  • A warm consumer is the one who knows about your brand or service or product. He might have purchased some of your items, visited your website, or maybe attended your brand awareness program or some other way.
  • If your client is aware of your company, in online or offline mode. He is known to be a Warm Customer.
  • You should always keep targeting your warm customers through Facebook advertising or email marketing or any other effective way to gain confidence in your brand.
  •  Your aim is to upgrade the warm customer to the category third and final category.

  1. Hot Customer:
  • Customers loyal to your brand are considered to be “the hot customers” They use your goods or service for a long time and are fully pleased with everything you deliver.
  • As the hot customer is already satisfied with your brand, you can offer him the best of your products for sale.
  • Converting all the customers from Cold Customers to Hot Customers should always be the target.

These are the three types of customers you face every day. Treat the customer according to the group that he belongs to and you can definitely see a difference in the attitude of the customers towards your brand.

Thanks for reading!

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