5 Ways Can Attract Customer To Buy From Your Website


The world of business is going “E “. The online platform is also being developed by the stores that sell bricks and cements. It is the direction the planet is going and it’s not looking back. If you have also developed business models online, but you are not attracting enough customers to purchase the product from your website.

This post is for you.

Attract customers to your website

Why Will Customer Buy From your Website?

Many of us have this question, “Why will people buy from my website? There are so many choices available in the market” and many negative thoughts. But the fact is, a customer always prefers to buy from a professional-looking website.

These 5 steps will make your website look very professional and trustworthy.

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Here are the five ways you can attract customers to buy from your website.

1. Free Shipping

If you are selling a product online, always make sure you offer your customers free shipping. Whenever a customer notices he also has to pay the shipping fees for the product, he changes his mind and hangs to another website providing free shipping. 

free shipping image
Image Source- Villa Theme

If you sell products for $100 and the delivery cost is $5, sell the product for $105 and offer free delivery. The word “FREE” always attracts customers so on every product page you can even focus that you are offering “free delivery”.

2. Ratings and Testimonials

Testimonials can also be listed as Reviews. Tell your existing clients to write a review of the product they bought from your website.

A buyer will always read reviews of those people who bought from your website to know how satisfied other customers are or if you are a trustworthy seller.

testimonials and reviews
Image source- Sales Force

Furthermore, you can add features that allow consumers to rate the product according to their purchasing experience.

3. White Background Images Attracts Customers

A consumer will always choose to have a reputable website while purchasing the product. For any e-commerce or dropshipping company white background images are the most important.

A study says white background photos make the website look more professional and have the full conversion possible.

4. Mission Statement on website

Having a mission statement on your website lets your clients know what goods and services you are providing, your vision for the future and your goals. Overall this is a message explaining to your customers why you are in the business.

mission statement
Image Source- trade press services

A mission statement creates trust within your consumers, and improves your rate of conversion.

5. Trust Badges Indicates Trust

Trust badges are third party suppliers’ badges or icons that prove to your customers that your website is legitimate.

trust badges
Image Source- Clipart Art

Trust badges may be the identifiers of your well-known clients, or the payment partners your website supports frequently.

Final Note

Customers are known as the kings of business and if you are unable to attract more customers to your e-commerce or online store, this means you are doing something wrong. You have to maintain your website so well that customers visit your website again and again. Try everything that could attract buyers to your website and provide excellent after-sales services.

If you’re in e-commerce or dropshipping, these 5 different tactics above will draw clients to buy from your website.

Make sure all 5 tricks are used to attract your customers every time they visit your online store.

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