6 Steps Can Make Affiliate Marketing In India Very Easy

We have often heard the term Affiliate Marketing so much nowadays, We have heard about people who earn loads of money by using Affiliate Marketing, Many of us might be thinking that it’s some kinda rocket science and people who earn using affiliate marketing are different from normal humans.

This post is for you if you also wish to know what is affiliate marketing and how can you learn using affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a process of promoting a product on your website or social media of other individuals or companies with the aim of generating a sale or conversion.

An affiliate advertisement (could be a link or banner advertisement) that diverts the customer on your website to the website of the individual or firm where the customer is expected to make the purchase.

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Whenever a customer clicks on the link and purchases the product from your website or from the affiliate link via your social media (the link or banner added to your website), you earn a commission for that sale.

In short, affiliate marketing is a marketing program in which the client rewards the affiliate for each conversion and sale they introduce to the companies by promoting their product

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Nowadays businesses spend a huge amount on product promotion. The easiest way to advertise the product to the target audience is through affiliate marketing.

Nearly 80 percent of Brands worldwide use affiliate marketing to advertise their product, according to a report by AM Navigator.

How Can You Start Affiliate Marketing?

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Affiliate marketing isn’t as easy as people say, and isn’t as hard as you think. Everything has its own process, and you can easily make good money using Affiliate Marketing if you are working according to the process.

The very first thing you need to do to start Affiliate Marketing is 

1. Find your niche

Find a niche of products you want to promote. A niche is a particular area of marketing that has a specific product, target audience, and requirements. Finalize a niche that suits the product you want to promote over your blog or social media. This will help you find customers to connect with you effortlessly.

Some Examples of Niche are – Travel, Gadgets, Fashion, Marketing, or any category that you can write a lot about

2. Build website

Build a blog site that suits your selected Niche. If you are interested in fashion, write Blogs on fashion. Provide trending content and fashion ideas to all your customers that visit your blog and try to connect with them as much as possble.

3. Provide valuable content

Provide valuable content through your blog so the readers may love to read what you post. Take the help of analytics and understand what your customers like, understand the mentality of your reader, and post accordingly.

4. Attract audience 

Try to write what people wish to read and Find different ways to attract more audience on your blog post. You can attract more audiences through social media, Quora, sharing a post in WhatsApp groups, by email marketing, and also with search engine optimization and other ways. Let readers connect to you

5. Find the  best product to sell

Whenever you promote any product in affiliate marketing, Always focus on promoting the best products. There are many people who visit your blog on a daily basis and whenever a reader buys any product from your affiliate link, it means he trusts you, This trust is very valuable and you should always maintain the trust factor by promoting the best products to your readers.

6. Promote your affiliate products

This is the last step after you start getting the audience that likes reading about Fashion on your website. You can place advertisements of your affiliate on your blog post.

(Make sure that the advertisements are appropriate and related to the post, A reader does not like to visit a website full of advertisements and links)

As the buyer makes the purchase, you earn a commission on the sale.

This is how you can use affiliate marketing.

How would you make your first sale?

The first step is the most important step and later it’s as smooth as a straw.

Whenever anyone starts with affiliate marketing, the very first question that everyone asks is “when will we start earning?”

After all, affiliate marketing is a process and you have to understand that you won’t just make a sale by adding links anywhere on your website so I would suggest you follow these 4 steps that will take you close to your first sale.

1. Start a blog or Instagram page

Blog- blogging is the best way to generate sales for an affiliate program, wrote about your niche on your blog, and promote your products.

Instagram– Instagram is also an alternative for promoting your affiliate products. 

All you have to do is build an Instagram profile and publish valuable content in your niche that attracts a large number of followers. 

Instagram has a large number of audiences these days and once you gain a large number of followers on Instagram, you can make money through affiliate links and also through shout outs. (You can follow me on Instagram so you will get my regular updates )

2. Find ways to gain organic traffic

Don’t ever start with paid advertising. Paid advertising is very costly and you will surely end up by making a loss. What people do is try to find short cuts to make money fast, don’t do this mistake.

Buying traffic is very easy but if you buy your audience, you will never be able to understand them.

Organic traffic will help you understand the quality of the audience and their likes and dislikes. Your page will never start generating traffic right from the first day. It will take time and you have to be patient enough for your first sale.

3. Start with the products you love

The best suggestion is to start with the products that you love or maybe the product you use the most.

Best affiliate product
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You can write a lot about these products and provide your honest reviews to your audience as you have personally used the product that you are promoting. Tell everything to your audience, the best features, the drawbacks and etc, and let them connect to you. 


Making your first sale is very exciting as well as very difficult and you require a lot of patience and learning attitude. Affiliate marketing is not as easy as you might think it is. 

Before joining any affiliate marketing program, please read all the terms and conditions. There are many different kinds of stuff you have to take care of while you promote the product.

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