9 Digital Marketing Skills To Boost Online Business

For the last 2-3 years we have all heard the word “Digital Marketing” so many times. Obviously because it has proved to be more effective than traditional ways of marketing that have been in use for decades.

Digital Marketing is to advertise your business (digitally) using the Internet and it has helped tons of business people to find targeted audiences according to their products, services or other demands.

Why Digital Marketing?

Earlier there was a period when people used to spend lots of money on billboards, brochures, newspapers and magazines, and so on, which were the typical forms of advertisement. Traditional ways of advertising had a drawback of not attracting the target audience.

For example- if my product is a posture corrector, the person with a correct body posture also looks at my advertisement and even the person who doesn’t have a good posture looks at my advertisement as well. That means I am not 100% able to target the people who actually need my product. 

Since Digital Marketing came into being, we can now use all the right tools with the aid of the internet, and reach our target audience very quickly.

But Digital Marketing is a broad concept and has been divided into different categories, we’ll study them all further in this blog.

Social media

In short, Social Media Marketing is also called SMM. This means advertising your product or service using social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, or LinkedIn or perhaps all of them. Nowadays social media carries maximum active user traffic. With the support of the internet, SMM is the perfect way to advertise your brand and build curiosity around the world about your company.

Social media advertising allows a person to select advertising filters, which means that you can choose to advertise your product to a specific audience by their age , gender, or interests, etc.

Social media delivers the best and most effective results to help the advertiser get easy conversions.


SEO is a very long-term process but is of great benefit to any business. In fact, search engine optimization is Google’s process in which Google ranks your page by traffic on how useful data your website provides users with.
This means that any time anyone looks for your business keyword, Google will give everyone your website name. That is a direct advantage for the client as it produces search results from Google.

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As I said, SEO is a long-term project, and you need a lot of time and hard work relative to your rivals to rank high on Google.

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is also known as pay-per – click advertising, or PPC. Paid advertisement is about renting space on the search engine and putting ads on the search engine side.

The concept of SEM or PPC is very simple, you have to select the keywords according to the advertisement, whenever a user searches for that keyword, he will see your advertisement. if the user clicks on the advertisement, the payment will be charged. Google AdWords is one the most preferred platforms for search engine marketing.

Email marketing

Email marketing is the process of creating brand awareness, or using emails to get surveys. Email marketing is a part of digital marketing where you can keep your customers up-to – date with the information you want them to know or you can raise awareness of the new product you are about to launch.

In email marketing, you have to first build a reputation in front of your customers and provide value to them, so they would provide their email address to receive more information from you. You can not buy paid audiences for email marketing, that’s the reason why email marketing is a beneficial tool, email marketing provides more conversion because it promotes your brand to the ones who are already interested in your company or products.

Content marketing

In order to produce leads or sales, content marketing is to create a piece of content and advertise it in front of the followers with the aid of Facebook , instagram or some other site. This audience is more inclined to connect with you, if the material is of the highest nature.

In addition to getting more customers to buy products from you, content marketing also helps companies generate confidence and brand awareness within their customers. With the help of content marketing, you can also keep customers updated to the latest news or products and services.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a method of selling the goods or services of other individuals (or other firms) on the website. Each time a sale or conversion is made to them, you earn commission on it. Affiliate marketing is more effective when you have more traffic on your website or page to get you earn more commissions.

Affiliate marketing is the perfect way to promote any of your goods online, because it activates a call to action message to the public on your website.

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Suppose you search Google for a smartphone. You ‘re searching for “best smartphone below 25000,” and Google will show you ones blog where provided smartphone information plus an affiliate link or banner advertisement that will redirect you to amazon to purchase the smartphone. Affiliate get a commission if you purchase, Amazon gets a sale and you get your smartphone. This is how affiliate marketing works.

Mobile Phone Marketing

Mobile advertising is the part of Digital Marketing activity where the marketing messages are sent to customers with the help of smartphones.

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This marketing activity is done by using sms, or perhaps placing an ad on a mobile friendly website, or placing an ad in apps (you must have seen some advertisements while playing games on your mobile phone).

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a process where you hire a famous influencer to promote an online advertisement. Rather than marketing your product directly to a broad number of users, with the help of SMM (Social Media Marketing), you can employ an influencer who will promote your product to its audience.

You might have seen many YouTubers or other Instagram pages who promote some brands or products. That is known as influencer marketing.

Viral marketing

Viral marketing is a term that uses social media such as Facebook or Instagram to concentrate on consumers and exchange product details with other consumers. This is the strongest type of digital marketing where advertisement goes viral in the marketplace and creates full visibility of the brand. It can be done by bringing onto the market a unique product or by marketing a current product in different ways.

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Your product or content should be so good to viralize your advertisement that it touches the core of your audience and they are forced to share your information with other people.


We addressed the digital marketing above and the 9 different ways or strategies you can use to advertise your product online.

Digital marketing is a very broad concept and you will be able to learn everything step by step. If you start your own company providing the customers with digital market services, you’ll be in demand a lot and charge a very good amount of fees for that.

I hope you are all clear with the concept and if still you have any doubt, you can ask me about it in the comments.

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