9 Most Essentials To Make The Best Website.


Today I’m going to tell you about the basic website mistakes that maximum individuals produce, so that when you create one for yourself, you can add these 9 most essentials to make the best website.

Does it have a business website for your company?

If you don’t, then this is your very first mistake. (I don’t joke)

I’m a website designer and developer myself, so after reviewing plenty of websites, I am writing this post. I have a habit of checking any website I come across and so I encountered 9 common simple website errors that maximum individuals do.

Trust me, it’s really important to build a website for your company and everyone knows it, but what everyone doesn’t know is how to create a good website and maintain a good website as well.

Maximum individuals just look for “web developers near me” on the web and make a website by paying them according to their budget, but it’s where you make a mistake.

Do not worry, I ‘m sure you will not make the same mistakes again after reading this article.

9 Most Essentials To Make The Best Website

I have explained in depth that you can avoid these 9 mistakes.

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If you still don’t know why your website is so essential, then I’ll tell you that, on the internet, the conventional business methods are no longer working.

Anyway, I’m going to write a thorough post on why websites are relevant, but let’s concentrate on the main subject now …

9 Most Essentials To Make The Best Website.

The domain name

Your domain name is the most essential factor when you are making a website, you should always select a domain that is very short and sweet.

There are many websites I have seen, their domain names are so confusing that you won’t ever remember the domain name, you should consider a name that is easy to pronounce and remember.

Your domain name is something that can make or break your business, if you want to grow your website organically. So always consider buying your domain for multiple years, say for more than 3 years. Your domain is your investment and after you purchase, it is equal to an asset that brings money to your pockets.

While you buy your domain name, it is always a good idea to not exceed 2-3 words, do not exceed more than 15 characters. This makes your domain name memorable.

TIP – Rand Fishkin, owner of Moz says that “So, stay away from domain names that include numbers or other non-standard characters, use unusual spelling, or are longer than about 15 characters or so.”

Website Hosting

A website hosting is a place where all your website data is to be stored. 

According to wikipedia, “A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.”

Whenever you consider making a website for your business, I would always recommend you to choose the best website hosting plan that offers you more storage, speed and uptime as well.

The mistake most of the people do is, they select a hosting plan that is cheaper (Many people don’t even know which hosting service is used on their website)

If you are looking for the best website hosting, I would recommend you to use FastComet.

Here is the detailed review of the fastcomet hosting and a special discount code, if you wish to know more about it.

Purchasing a good website hosting is a very good investment as it does not only help you for your website uptime, speed and performance, but it always helps you in website SEO (search engine optimization) and website promotion.

Here is the example, 

Image Source – FastComet

This is what maximum people focus on while building their website, besides you should focus on, instead You should be focusing on the best plan that provides smooth and best functioning for your website.

Image Source – FastComet

FastComet is also offering a special discount if you purchase the hosting with an affiliate link, so you can click here to visit fastcomet (Through my affiliate address) and avail special 75% discount by using the code “HAHOT75“.

Website protection

Even business owners do unknowingly make this mistake. While making a website for your business, it is very important that the data the users enter on your website is safe and secured.

For the advanced security, you need to enter a code on your website that provides security for online communications on your website. That code is named as the SSL Certificate (Secured Socket Layer).

This certificate secures your site from  sharing any sensitive private information from your website to any web server. This sensitive information can be Passwords or credit cards or any other private information.

Here is the example for the secured website.

And this is the image of an insecure website…

This is an example of a website without an SSL certificate.

How would you recognise if a website is secured or it isn’t? Simple, whenever you open a website on a search engine, you will see a “” besides your website URL. if you see a lock then your website is secured, and if you don’t see a lock, you might see “Not Secured” highlighted in Red Color in your website URL.

Most of the time, website SSL is provided for free by the hosting providers,it is also available if you buy your hosting from FastComet

But if it is not available on your website, you can also buy it from your website hosting provider by paying the required amount.

Business mail

When you are building a website, make sure you also consider getting your business professional mail address.

Professional mail ids are the email addresses that are made up using your domain name servers, such as Sales@yourdomain.com and it is very professional and obtains trust of the clients.

Retaining a professional identity is key to maintaining the confidence of your clients and making them look trustworthy online.

Routing your email via the domain name of your company shows that your company is well-established and legitimate, which would therefore make consumers feel more secure dealing with your company.

Professional mail addresses are also available at very cheap prices from Google G-Suite and also from other hosting companies.

A responsive website

Note also that the use of technology has increased considerably more than before and consumers will not only access the website from their desktop or computers. They are able to use their mobile phones, pads, or any other gadget they possess. So please avoid the mistake of making a website that doesn’t fit all the devices.

A study says that people make optimum use of their mobile phones to access the internet nowadays. And creating a website that serves both the smartphone and computer is very essential.

Ask your website developer to create a website that is responsive and suits all the devices. 

As per the google’s algorithm update in 2015, google had officially announced that its Mobile friendliness of a  website will be considered as a ranking signal. 

I would recommend you to create your basic website on wordpress if you want to build a responsive and easy to use website. 

Use the KISS formula

I’ve seen people trying to make their website funky, cool and add a lot of the fancy stuff in their website. Trust me, you don’t need to do that.

Users will mostly get confused if you add more unnecessary stuff in your website.

I’d recommend using the KISS formula that says “keep it simple stupid.” Try to keep the material as easy as it can be. So it is good for the user to understand your content.
We have made more than 100 websites in our company and I have personally advised all my clients to keep their website very simple and straight. Users love to surf on the websites that are simple and easy to understand.

Write your own content

This is the biggest mistake people make. They do not write their own website material. Instead, they copy it from somewhere else and paste it on their website.

This is something I got to know after dealing with tons of clients for designing a website for their business and later, when we ask them for the content  to be added on their website, they just provide us with some reference websites and ask us to copy the content from their website.

Many people do not  know the importance of content, your website content is the most important factor for the promotion of your website.

Always write your own content as it will support you a lot while you promote your website via search engine optimisation, and it will also help to rank your website as well.

If you are unable to write your own content then employ a content creator. Just make sure your content should be unique.

Use enough pages and space

Always make sure that your website is not a mess, all the  data that you enter on your website is properly categorised and should look sober.

Use enough space on your website to showcase all you’ve got for your customers. Make a separate page for all of your goods or services where possible.

Or you can categorize all of your goods and services on a separate page with all of its info, so that the user can easily navigate your website.

Whatever you add on your website should be valuable and necessary, and also be added in a systematic way that users do not feel that the data in your website is rushed and untidy.

Not adding images and videos

In the era of online marketing and promotion, it is very important to showcase all your important work on your website, we all know this.

But what is more important is to show more of the images and videos…

I have faced clients who do not hire a graphic designer for designing all the images according to their content, they just download the images from google and copy the same images in their website, trust me this is very harmful for your site as the images that you add form google can be copyrighted and you have to pay a fine or your website can be deleted permanently.

If you can’t hire a graphic designer for images, then make sure the images you add have no copyright, you can get such images from pexelsPixabay.

But make sure you add tons of images and videos in your website, because in the digital world, when users will  visit your website. Images and videos catch the eye of your customers and help them to learn more about your products and services.

(If you are still reading, we got a bonus point for you)

Contact Information

I have seen websites where there is no way that the user can connect  with you. This is something that should be considered as a priority.

Today it is very necessary to provide people an ease to connect with you whenever and wherever possible, you can enter a chat box, you can add social media icons, email address, whatsapp chat button and even calling option so that your customers can easily connect with you whenever possible.

Many companies also hire a virtual assistant or a dedicated person to solve queries of the customer and reply to their emails and assist your customers on social media.

So it is very important to provide your customers an option to connect with you in multiple ways, by connecting with your customers, you can also turn out your cold customers to your hot customers.


So, in this article we spoke about the 10 basic website mistakes that you should avoid while you are building your website.

If you already own a website, you must have noticed some necessary changes that you need to make in your website.

You can also ask your website developer to make these necessary changes while you build your website.

If you don’t have a business website, and you want to make one. Feel free to contact us on sales@webworkssolution.com.

A short recap

Here are the 9 Most Essentials To Make The Best Website.

  1. Choose your domain name wisely.
  2. Choose the best Hosting (Use Coupon HAHOT75 For Special 75% Discount)
  3. Your website must be secured, use SSL Certificate.
  4. Use business mail addresses
  5. Your website must be responsive
  6. Keep it as simple as possible
  7. Write your own contact, don’t copy from other websites
  8. Make enough use of pages
  9. Hire a graphic designer and add more images and videos on your website
  10. Help your customers reach you through multiple ways.

Make sure you don’t make these mistakes and build the best website for your business.

Thank you for reading, if you have any suggestions or doubts, you can ask me in the comment section below.

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