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I am a business and marketing blogger. I will guide you on achieving best strategies and grow your business, feel free to read the whole story. Whereas a trend often connotes.

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Blogging page for providing knowledge related to field marketing, digital marketing, some smart blogs and books that provide business knowledge. Have a look!


The only thing I do is blogging? No. No.

The blog page is just to share my knowledge and experience with you all so that with the aid of this site, the one in need can use the proper skills to scale up his own company every day.

About me

I am supporting small and medium-sized businesses to develop and provide them with the best guidance, expertise and experience to help them achieve business objectives

hey guys, firstly i would like to introduce myself,

I am Poojan Thakkar.

A business and marketing blogger. i will guide you on achieving best strategies to grow your business.

You won’t be shocked to hear that you and I aren’t that different, Both of us read books, both of us want to expand our companies, both of us want to earn massive amounts of money, both of us like luxury vehicles, both of us can’t live without oxygen and, last but not least, both of us wear the same jeans for a week (oops, I think the last one is just me?).

Anyways, welcome to my website.

That’s where I’m going to share all my information and experience I’ve gained since I began my marketing journey.There are so many different things I have learned and experienced from my work to my self-owned business. I will be sharing all those cool things with you here in this blog.

Looking back, I never thought that this is where my life is going to take me. I still recall the first day of my job when I learned the gap between knowledge and experience. I still recall walking nervously into my first casting, uncertain about the future where I’d be taking it.

Fast forward, here I am today, a company owner and consultant, a part-time writer and a student in digital marketing. Navigate you now to my very first blog post.

Anxious to share my experience with you all.


Is blogging the only thing I do? No.

 The web page is just to share my knowledge and expertise with you all so that with the aid of this forum, the one in need can use the right skills to scale up his own company every day. 

So, my blog is divided basically into three parts

  1. The Market Blog
  2. The Smart Blog
  3. The Books Blog

The reason I’m writing on the same website on three separate blogs is because business and marketing are very broad and no one can know it immediately from reading a blog post. 

  1. You should have market knowledge- 

Market knowledge is basically the knowledge about your competitors, your product/ service, your strong and weak points, and etc stuff. in short, its about having knowledge of what all tools do you have and how well do you know your business.

  1. You should be smart enough-

 Being aware of all the resources you have, getting lots of market knowledge or how well you know your rival, it doesn’t really matter if you don’t use any of this information to grow your company. What I mean is, if you have a lot of stock knowledge but don’t invest in it, then all of your experience is equal to waste.

  1. Books teach you the most-

Bear in mind, Books will all help you develop your skills. There are so many books written specifically for business owners, so that they can expand their business. And hey, you’ll find that every millionaire’s just going to tell you as much as you can. So here I’ll share the books you’d like to read, and the books that will help you develop your company.

So, that’s why all the topics are merged.

 In addition to this blog post, I have a self-owned company named “webworks solution” webworks where we develop websites for your business and support small and medium-sized businesses to hop online. To try out the webworks solution, click here.

I have a digital marketing company on along sides who can direct you through SEO, SEM, and SMM resources to promote your company digitally at ease online. 

So, the overall services I offer here are :

– Guidance and strategies to grow your business.

– website designing and development.

– digital marketing services.