Dropshipping India, 6 Profitable Steps To Success.



Dropshipping in India is booming these days and many people are trying to attain online market advantages, are you one?

If so, This post is for you. (This article is based on my experience in India concerning dropshipping in india)

dropshipping in india

People know what dropshipping is, but I’m going to tell you the absolute in and out of dropshipping in India today. What steps to take when building your shop, how to choose goods and all, let ‘s start with the advantages of dropshipping india.

Benefits of dropshipping India

Before I start dropshipping India, I want to tell you the that DropShipping has proved itself very efficient from a traditional store and even eCommerce due to the following factors

dropshipping india
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  1. Low start-up costs

Building a warehouse or physical store nowadays is very costly, so people have started developing online stores (also known as eCommerce).

Dropshipping is much more cost-effective than both physical and eCommerce stores.

2. Product storage

Dropshippers are saving tons of money by doing the smart job, they are not wasting their money by storing the goods. Dropshippers place the order on their web site only to the third party supplier when they receive the order.

3. Packaging and shipping

Another advantage is that you don’t need to waste time and resources on shipping and packing the goods. The shipping and packaging costs shall be borne by the third party supplier himself.

4. Saves you from the risk of spending money

Dropshipping saves you from the risk of spending loads of money on your company. Compared to eCommerce, you are saving almost 80 percent of costs.

How to start dropshipping in India

Many people know the entire dropshipping process and are still not in a position to make a successful dropshipping in india. Why? Since they’re not adopting product research procedures. It is the most critical step in which maximum people make mistakes and they conclude that dropshipping in India is not profitable. Follow these three basic steps if you wish to establish a profitable dropshipping store in India.

  1. Deep niche – It’s really important to find a niche before you start. You need to know the goods that you want to endorse.

What do we mean by a deep niche? My main niche is health if I sell Posture Corrector (it is a belt that helps reducing back pain), but my deep niche is body pain. 

It will help you reach your buyers with all of your goods more quickly and you don’t have to spend lots of money individually on promoting all of the goods.

2. Profits – After you select your dropshipping niche, The next step is to study if the niche is profitable. Make sure that you earn a fair return on every offer. 

You should find a niche that you can earn 30 to 50 percent or more. 

3. Competition – After you complete the process of selecting the correct and profitable niche, the next step is to test the competition. Try finding a niche where there are fewer competitors. The less the rivalry, the more you are able to scale up your market and gain more sales.

If your company meets all of the above steps, it’s a profound niche product, you get good profits and less competition, you ‘re ready to go to the next level. Find a Supplier…

Find A Dropshipping Supplier

When choosing your product supplier, you need to take care of several items that can help you out when you’re in your dropshipping business. You need to ask your supplier questions about the products, and gain as much knowledge as you can. Yet how are you doing so? What are your questions? I’ll tell you.

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  1. How long they take to ship the product The very first question is how long it takes for the manufacturer to ship the commodity to the client from his warehouse. Not more than two days should be allowed. If it is more than 2 days then the customer will not receive the product in the near future. (The sooner the customer receives the product, the greater the likelihood of satisfaction)
  2. Do they offer a warranty– The second question concerns warranty and guarantee. You need to ask the supplier if he would give any warranty or warranty regarding the product, so that you can mention it on your website and it would also help you when promoting the product.
  3. What shipping methods do they offerThere are different methods of shipping, such as overnight shipping, two-day shipping, one-day shipping, international shipping, and so on? Ask your supplier what all the shipping services he provides to help you to deliver your product faster.
  4. Quality measures– You have to know what all quality measures are taken by the supplier to protect the product. These measures of quality can help you promote the product to the best target audience.
  5. Can you use the photos of their productsAlso ask the manufacturer if you can use the stock images, so you can link the original product images to the website?

Choose The Right Product To Sell

You need to find an ideal product after selecting your supplier, that fits dropshipping in India. The only thing we need to understand is to find a product that has all of the qualities listed below. It will help you find a winning product and lower your RTO (return to origin)

Image Source – Bootstrapping Ecommerce
  1. Low cost – Make sure you don’t charge extra for the product you pick. Selling low-cost produce is easier.
  2. Unbreakable – The product should be unbreakable, so that the product does not disrupt the connection between the manufacturer and the consumer.
  3. Lightweight – The commodity should be light-weighted (less than 500 gms preferably). You’ll find tons of these things.
  4. Non-seasonal –This should not be a product of the season. And you can market them over the entire year. Seek to concentrate on health-related items because there’s more sales potential.
  5. Should be available on amazon or other websites – The product that you are selling should be available on popular websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. So that the customer might relate to your product.
  6. Should be profitable – The product will yield benefits for you. It is preferred to get at least 30-50 percent profit per product.

Keep in mind that the goods have all of the above characteristics, from low costs to High profitability. This will help you sell more on the market compared to your other competitors as if you can just find your winning products.

But this is going to happen on the web so where are you going to find suppliers on the web? I’ll tell you this. There are several websites in India that help to dropship.

I would have preferred to go with Oberlo or AliExpress when it comes to dropshipping worldwide, but today we are talking about dropshipping India. So the Website that I prefer in India is “Meesho“. 

It’s easy to find winning products on Meesho. You can choose Meesho as your third party supplier. 

Image Source – Entrackr

How To Identify Winning Products On Meesho?

The techniques that I use to find the best products are by comparing the products on Meesho with Facebook and AliExpress. 

Suppose if you want to pick a juicer to sell on your dropshipping india website, find the same juicer on Facebook and see how many people liked the same juicer ‘s advertising if the likes are over 2000, so you can advertise the product, it has the potential to be a winning product.

You can also search on AliExpress for the sales product and check how many people place orders every day for the specific product. If the company sells 60 + products an hour (Ali express displays results on an hourly basis) so that the product can be pushed further.

Either way, the maximum products you find on Meesho always win products so you don’t need to worry about them.

Choosing The Right Platform

Now you ‘re almost finished with everything else, and after completing all the other procedures, it’s time to open the shop, you know your niche, you know your product, you know your supplier, and you’re almost ready to take action towards your target.

It is the right time to set up dropshipping india. There are two stores that I would recommend to you as you begin dropshipping in India.

  1. Shopify – Whenever you hear about the term “dropshipping,” this company will always understand you, none other than Shopify. Probably the best place to start your dropshipping is Shopify. It has a free theme which allows you to use a 90-day trial so you can set up your initial store for free and only pay the fees to use the Shopify store afterward.
Image Source – Medium

The best thing is, Shopify is very user friendly and easy to set up. By connecting them to HomeEkart, you can add products in your Shopify store.

Make sure you are using as many tools as possible, and make your store look very professional and reliable.

  1. WooCommerce 
  2. If you use WordPress, you use the plugin WooCommerce and set up your shop. You ‘d love to learn that wooCommerce is completely safe. WooCommerce is very popular because of its simplicity and fast customization.
Image Source – Lumin Fire

 You can turn your WordPress website into a fully customizable dropshipping India website, with just a few clicks.

Popular Platforms For Advertising

When it comes to advertising your dropshipping india website to attract customers, there are several platforms that can help you attract good customers over the internet, but you always need to aim for spending as low as possible.

There are two platforms I’ll link to you for ads, they are

  1. Facebook – Facebook is often chosen to advertise due to the fact that Facebook has more than 1.59 billion active users worldwide and the Facebook advertising manager helps you to target the audience. You may target the market based on their preferences, hobbies, and so forth. This might very easily help you find your target customer in dropshipping India.
Image Source – Nail Patel

Also, Facebook is very cost-effective and you’ll be investing far less than any other website. As dropshipping is considered in India, Facebook can offer the best conversions by spending very much less.

Tip- Place a video advertisement at all times, it connects more with the customer and offers more conversion compared to image ads.

  1. Tiktok ads – 

If you are advertising a dropshipping India store, Tiktok ads are preferred too. Nowadays Tiktok has a lot of Indian viewers and there are also lots of benefits to ads using TikTok. As in the case of

Image Source – TikTok
  1. Less competition- A lot of people don’t know about TikTok ads and the conversion ratio because they don’t use TikTok ads. This leads to very little competition whilst high conversion results.
  2. Cost-effective- As the level of competition in TikTok advertising is lower, this is proving to be very cost-effective. They charge a lot less per conversation.

If you’re dropshipping in India, I ‘d recommend using TikTok ads too as i get more conversions on tiktok as compared to facebook.

If you use Facebook and TikTok advertisements to choose the right advertising strategies and target audience, you can easily get 8-10 conversions per day.

Tip – I have noticed that people in India are afraid of online scams, so I would always recommend that you allow your customers cash on delivery while dropshipping in india, so that they feel safe to order from your website. More than 85% of customers use Cash On Delivery while ordering from any dropshipping india website.

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I had shared all about dropshipping in India above in this post and here’s a quick overview.


  1. Low cost
  2. Product storage
  3. Shipping 
  4. Low risk

How to start

  1. Deep niche
  2. profits
  3. Competition

Find a supplier

  1. How long Supplier take to ship products?
  2. Do they offer a warranty?
  3. What shipping methods do they offer?
  4. Quality Measures?
  5. Product Photos?

How to choose the right products

  1. Low cost
  2. Unbreakable
  3. Lightweight
  4. Non-seasonal
  5. Available on Amazon and Flipkart
  6. Profitable

Store Platforms

  1. Shopify
  2. Woo-commerce (WordPress plugin)

Advertising Platforms

  1. Facebook advertisement
  2. TikTok Ads

This is all about dropshipping in India If you have any questions, please drop them in the Comments section and I’ll definitely answer them.

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