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Thinking about buying fastcomet Hosting for your website? Welcome to my website, where I will let you know everything about fastcomet hosting.

Today we are going to talk about fastComet Hosting review and Discount coupons.

We all know that choosing the right hosting partner for your business is so much important and necessary to make your website better in tons of different aspects. Today, in this blog we will review the Fastcomer hosting which I have recently tried and tested. I hope i will be able to provide very useful information about this blog.

In this review we will discuss everything about FastComet Reviews, from pros and cons of FastComet to the pricing and speed and all other features, So stay connected till the end as we have an offer for you. 

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FastComet is one of the companies that has arrived into the market recently in 2013, but it offers the best services to their customers by providing tons of different and attractive offers and eye catching features such as one click wordpress installation and much more . FastComet is providing services in more than 80 countries so far and it is the very first international company to have its hosting servers in India (Mumbai) as well.

Before we select any Hosting, there are tons of questions in our mind about the  hosting companies such as 

  1. Pros and Cons of hosting?
  2. Price of the hosting?
  3. What would be the features?
  4. Does the Hosting have Good reviews?
  5. Customer support and services?
  6. Should I buy hosting from this company?
  7. How can I buy this hosting at the best price?

Well, don’t worry, All these questions will be answered in this blog as you start reading ahead, but just to let you know that i have added some affiliate links in this blog, so if you buy this hosting from my affiliate link, you do not have to pay anything extra but you will surely get a discount and even i will earn a small commission on the sale.

Let’s start with the FastComet Review with the first point, Pros and Cons of FastComet.

FastComet Hosting Pros and Cons

Fastomet has entered the market officially in 2013, and after still it has been offering excellent services worldwide. 

Here are some pros and cons of FastComet Hosting, Let’s start with pros.

Pros of FastComet Hosting

  1. Offers amazing speed
  2. 24/7 Customer support through live chat or ticket
  3. FastComet doesn’t charge higher renewal rates
  4. 99.9% Uptime
  5. Easily handle the load on the website.
  6. Money Back Guarantee

Cons of FastComet Hosting

  1. Less SSD space 

Price of the hosting?

Fastcomet’s shared hosting is available at a very affordable and pocket friendly budget. 

FastComet hosting plans are divided into three different categories that means it offers basic plans for a single website and advanced plans to connect multiple domains to your hosting. 

FastComet Shared Hosting plans are further divided into three different Categories such as

  1. FastCloud – This is a basic Shared Hosting that is available at $9.95 per month but you can just use a single website with this package.
  1. FastCloud Plus – FastCloud Plus offers a shared hosting where you can connect multiple websites with your domain and it gets a 25GB SSD Storage. Pricing starts at $14.95 per month. 
  1. FastCloud Extra – FastCloud Extra is the updated version of Fastcloud Plus, that offers you 35GB SSD Storage and the charges are 19.95$ per month. You can obviously connect multiple websites with this hosting plan.

Here are the prices for the following hosting plans that are updated and offer you a massive discount (Up to 70% OFF) Officially by FastComet.

So here fastcomet offers you a very massive 70% discount on all their shared hosting plans, so if you are anytime thinking to buy FastComet hosting, you can checkout now itself for their very adorable prices.

As you can check the above picture, 

FastCloud shared hosting is available at just $2.95 per month,

FastCloud Plus hosting is available at just $4.45 per month and

FastCloud Extra is available at the price point of just $5.95 per month. 

(Note – These prices are only available if you use the code HOT70CLOUD while you checkout)

FastComet Hosting Pros and Cons

Fastomet has entered the market officially in 2013, and after still it has been offering excellent services worldwide. 

Here are some pros and cons of FastComet Hosting, Let’s start with pros

Pros of FastComet Hosting

  1. Offers amazing speed – FastComet is an international company that was found in 2013, it has served more than 50,000 Hostings worldwide. Fastcomet has more than 70 employees and 11 data centers all over the globe, including one in Mumbai (India) as well. That’s the main reason Fastcomet is able to deliver a very amazing speed.

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2. 24/7 Customer support through live chat or ticket – FastComet has hired more than 70 employees and has been offering services all over the world, fastcomet has always believed in providing very valuable support by providing a 24/7 chat system. If you are facing any issue with fastcomet, you can chat with them on their website or you can also create a support ticket and they reply within minutes to solve your queries.

3. FastComet doesn’t charge higher renewal rates – While i was reviewing this Hosting, this was the very powerful point that i found highly attractive. Fastcomet hosting doesn’t charge higher renewal rates for their hosting services, Unlike other hosting companies that charge you less when you buy hosting for the first time and later charge very high renewal rates.

Fastcomet offers you the renewals at the same price that you have paid for the registration.

4. 99.9% Uptime – All hosting companies experience a downtime sometimes, but this is not the case with FastComet, because it offers a Guaranteed Uptime.

Image Source – Fastcomet

Fastcomet commits a 99.9% uptime, not only for the network but also for websites, email and other core services.

5. Easily handle the load on the website – I have used the very basic package from fastcomet that is the FastCloud. (Bought at the same price of $2.95 per month.) and I have experienced that the website is able to carry high loads very easily, just because of it’s 15GB SSD Storage that is offered with the package.

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6. Money Back Guarantee – Now this is the level of confidence that Fastcomet offers with their hosting and other services. The company offers a 45 days money back guarantee, which is based on your satisfaction.

If you are not satisfied with the services that are offered by FastComet, then the company will provide you a complete refund over its services.

Cons of FastComet Hosting

  1.  Less SSD space – This is the only con that I noticed while reviewing the fastCOmet Hosting, Where the basic shared hosting offers 15GB SSD Space at the price of $2.95 per month and that is brilliant, but at the same time the other plans (FastCloud Plus and FastCloud Extra) offers a very less storage of just 25 GB SSD and 35 GB SSD, and also the plans are costly as compared to FastCloud hosting charges as per $4.45 per month and $5.95 per month.

Image source – FastComet

I am personally not satisfied with the storage offered in the FastCloud Plus and FastCloud Extra, because it offers you to host multiple websites as we. it would have been great if they would have offered more storage space for both the packages.

What are the features of FastComet Hosting?

There are tons of features that makes fastcomet hosting different from other hosting providers, I will tell you about them below.

  1. Free Domain Transfer – Unlike other companies, FastComet does not charge even a penny for domain transfer, but it additionally provides you the 1 year domain extension from their end after the domain transfer.
  2. SSD (Shared Hosting) – All the shared hosting packages provided by FastComet are comparatively 300% faster than other hosting providers to access your files and database because of the Cloud SSD.
  3. Cloudflare CDN – Cloudflare CDN is used to increase the speed of your website, FastComet replicates your site file on multiple servers which can be accessed by 100+ Data centers all around the Globe, so whenever a user searched for your website, he can easily access without any location potentiality.
  4. Cpanel Control – FastComet offers you a Cpanel control so you can make any necessary changes on your fingertips, You can make changes very easily using this Control Panel.

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5. Daily Backups – FastComet provides daily and weekly backups so you do not use your important data, you can easily recover your data (If lost) by speaking to their customer support within minutes.

6. 24/7 Support – This is the very important feature that makes me like FastComet too much. I have personally tried connecting to the FastComet customer support and they are really very quick and available 24/7.

7. Open Source Hosting – FastComet makes you access all the Open Source platforms. 

You get 4 options here where you can select between WordPress, WooCommerce, Opencart, and Magento hostings.

8. Multiple Datacenters – FastComet hostings one of the best features is it has multiple data centers, and you can also select your datacenter from 11 options placed in Chicago, Toronto, Dallas, Newark, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Singapore, Mumbai and Sydney.

9. Guaranteed Resources – The basic problem with Shared hosting plans is that other websites on your hosting will slow down your site, but FastComet guarantees you that this won’t be the case. Even if your hosting is congested, your site won’t suffer.

10. Money Back Guarantee – FastComet offers you a Money Back Guarantee. If you are using FastComet Hosting and you are not satisfied with their services, you can ask a refund within 45 Days and they will provide you the money back.


FastComet Hosting Reviews

FastComet hosting is one the best hosting services that I have personally used. 

Some of the other features such as 24/7 support, 45 days money back guarantee, Daily and weekly backups and etc are some of the reasons which makes FastComet very different from other service providers.

But I’m not the only one person who has liked using FastComet so far, there are many people around the globe who are using FastComet and they have also loved the service.

FastComet has provided hosting services to more than 50,000 personal and small-business Website owners. While you visit their website, you will realise there are too many satisfied customers who love the FastComet service.

According to a review by HostAdvice Community, FastComet is rated the number one hosting solution in terms of Reliability, Pricing, User-friendly, Support and other Features. While the other hosting companies were also reviewed but they were not as good as FastComet. 

Source – Fastcomet

FastComet has personally reviewed themselves as well and found out that FastComet users have rated their services 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 736 reviews.

Source – Fastcomet

Customer support and services?

I have already spoken about the support of FastComet multiple times in this FastComet hosting review, but in case you missed it, I’ll pardon it for you.

There are two ways through which you could connect to FastComet support, 

The first one is by creating a support ticket and the second one is through the option “live chat” that is available on their website. 

I have personally checked the support through the “Live chat” option and seriously, the response was very quick and with a detailed answer.

Additionally, FastComet has its support available for their customers 24/7 which means they are always available for providing the support. 

FastComet hosting support is absolutely free with any hosting plan that you buy from their website and it claims that they have solved queries of more than 83% of their customers in less than 15 mins of time  (based on 10,000 support requests).

Do I recommend you to buy fastcomet hosting

I have personally used fastcomet hosting for my website and i have experienced their services, the services they offer are great at that price point and personally I have never faced any problems with FastComet, so from my side FastComet is the best hosting provider if you are starting a new website or a blog, because there are no other hosting providers that can offer you hosting at this affordable prices. 

Additionally the support offered by FastComet is also very fast and available 24/7. 

I would definitely recommend everyone to use FastComet hosting but my suggestion would be to start with FastCloud Plus, as it offers you the facility to add multiple domains with your Hosting. 

You can click here to buy your FastComet hosting now. 

How to get Fastcomet special discount?

As i promised you in the start that i will provide you some special promo code through which you will get a special discount. 

As fastcomet has already displayed a Coupon Code on their  website, that is “HOT70CLOUD”.

This coupon code will provide you a special discount of 70% on all the shared hosting plans and it will be pre-applied while you select the plan and proceed towards checkout.

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But that is not the best price, as you are reading the blog till the end, as a gift i will provide you a special promo code that would get a special discount of 75% on all shared hosting plans. 

While you proceed towards checkout, just remove the pre-applied code “HOT70CLOUD” and replace it with a Fastcomet special discount code “HAHOT75” and you will get a 75% discount on the shared hosting plan.

You can enjoy your one year hosting at just $29 and that is more affordable. 

(NOTE –  While you use this code, do not abandon the checkout in between as this code can be used only once per user)

Are there any other options?

There are so many hosting companies into the market that provide unique hosting features as fastcomet does, 

If you are looking for substitutes of fastcomet hosting, here are some of them.

  1. SiteGround – Siteground is an option available for you if you are looking for some other hosting providers to provide you the best services. SiteGroud has a very good customer support and uptime, and it also delivers a free website SSL (Secured Socket Layer) and CDN (Content delivery network) with the hosting plans.
  2.  A2 Hosting – A2 Hosting might be an option that you could consider while you are looking for a hosting provider, as A2 has provided the best speed for several years consistently. All their hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate and free migration as well. Their customer support is good as well. So A2 Hosting might also be an option that you could consider.
  3. LiquidWeb – if the server uptime is something that you are concerned the most about, liquid web is the best solution. LiquidWeb is the best substitute as it provides a 100% uptime server guarantee and offers all their services at a very pocket friendly price, but LiquidWeb doesn’t have any shared hosting plans available as their only focus is to provide high-performance hostings. You can learn more about LiquidWeb.

Conclusion – Final Words

According to my FastComet hosting review, I would suggest you to use FastComet as I have experienced a very good hosting service.

There are several features that offer you a very good experience in terms of support, uptime guarantee and also the pricing. 

The most affordable and pocket friendly prices of FastComet allows you to experience their services for 1 year along with all the features and advantages.

FastComet has been new into the Market as compared to other hosting companies, but that doesn’t make any difference as the services they offer are far better than other hosting services.

Specially the pricing makes it different as there are no other hosting companies that offer you hosting for this price. 

I would definitely recommend you to use FastComet Hosting and I’m sure you will love it too. This review is based on my experience with FastComet and I loved their services in terms of support and uptime. 

Above in this FastComet hosting review, we spoke about all the necessary features of FastComet hosting, from pros and cons to features and everything such as 

  • Price of the hosting?
  • Pros and Cons of hosting?
  • What would be the features?
  • Does the Hosting have Good reviews?
  • Customer support and services?
  • Should I buy hosting from this company?
  • How can I buy this hosting at the best price?

 If you have any other doubts regarding FastComet, you can ask me down in the comments section.

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