Top 5 smart investment ideas for best returns.


Smart investments are the key to success. No one ever got rich by saving money in their bank accounts.

Investment does not only involve spending money, but other considerations, such as time and energy, may also be as important as money. 

Best Investment Ideas

smart investment ideas for best returns

Warren Edward Buffett, says “if you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you have to work until you die”.

So, Today I’ve got the top 5 smart investment ideas that could produce the best return for you.

1. The Stock Market

Stock is the first name you think of when someone says investment. 

Sure, it seems like the stock market is the best place to invest the money because it is the most secure way to invest. This only needs a lot of patience and knowledge. 

You can invest whatever amount you can afford and earn as the stock price increases

image source- Forbes

As you all know, through investing in stocks, many people have gained loads of money, but there are still those who have lost a large amount. So I would recommend you research the business you are planning to invest in, not just invest blindly in whatever brand name you like the most.

2. Real Estate

Nowadays, real estate investment is lucrative, what you should do is search for the real estate that is available for sale at less than market price. Buy the property you want, you can now rent the property and receive rent each month as an extra income. Perhaps you could sell the real estate as soon as the property’s market price rises.

image source- investopedia

3. Gold / Jewellery

Gold should always be a significant part of your investment. Did you ever notice that prices of gold are significantly rising year by year? Gold and jewelry are the smartest investments that will never result in you losing your money but earning the best returns for you, even though your paper assets, such as stocks and bonds, are decreasing.

graph source- bankbazaar

4. Learning

We want to gain a lot of knowledge but none of us want to invest in learning.

We think the lessons we have learned in schools and colleges are adequate but that is not the case.

Do invest your loads of money in books, personality development, communication, learning a new language or a new course, or something you’re passionate about. You should always keep learning.

5. Side Hustle

It is said, That billionaire has an average of seven different sources of earning money. How many do you have? If your response is one or less then you should work a lot on the side hustle.

image source- bigcommerce

This requires not just an investment of money but also time and energy expenditure. Side hustle seems to be something that can help you produce extra income other than your job or company. It could be something like blogging, drop shipping, or something you can do online to help you produce a secondary source of revenue.

The author of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki says “The secret to making money is to make money work for you.” (You can buy the book from the above link, it teaches you what rich people tell their children about money and poor people don’t)

So invest your money in the top 5 investment ideas and who knows if you’re the next billionaire.

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Again, in the comments let me know where are you investing your money?

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