What is Web hosting and publishing concept? Explained

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What is Web hosting and publishing concept? Many people text me these questions. I know many of them who ask me these are mainly newbies and this post is for details of Web hosting and publishing concept.


If you want to start a blog and earn a handsome amount in future being a blogger or affiliate Marketer, then it is very necessary for you to understand the concept and importance of these two things.

Web hosting

You might have heard this word “Hosting” a ton of times if you have ever been in blogging or website designing. Web Hosting Refers to Storage space on the internet.

Whenever you design a website for a blog or for a company or whatever reason, you have to purchase a web hosting, that means a space on the internet. 

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According to Wikipedia, “A web hosting service is a type of internet hosting service that allows individuals and organisations to make their websites accessible via the world wide web” (also popularly known as WWW)

Whenever you design a website for a blog or for a company or whatever reason, you have to purchase a web hosting, that means a space on the internet. 

The very primary work of the website hosting is to occupy space on the internet, to store your website information and other details. 

Web hosting is connected to the website URL, popularly known as your domain name. So, whenever a user searches for the domain name on search engine, The domain name would provide your website name in the search results and your website name will be featured.

Remember, there are multiple features that you should expect from your web hosting company or web hosting provider.

  1. WordPress support – Nowadays, maximum websites use wordpress as a primary source to create websites, there are even many multinational companies that prefer wordpress when it comes to making a website, as it provides you the best open source market with tons of themes already designed. 

I would suggest you check if your website is wordpress supported if you are buying a web hosting.

  1. Professional Email Address – Businesses are not just business, but we always dream of making them brands, So when we buy a web hosting but we do not have proper company mail address, it doesn’t get a professional touch. 
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I would suggest you to get a Professional Mail Address along with the web hosting.

It is recommended to use the best website hosting so that your website works smooth and users experience a pleasant time being on your website. In simple words, better the web hosting, better the speed.

Publishing Concept

As the name suggests, Publishing concept is also referred to as “Online publishing”, that means to publish content over the internet. 

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But is that enough? Certainly No!

Web hosting and publishing concept is vast and you have to follow certain steps before you write a content.

  1. Best Content – You have to always focus on writing the best content on your blog. If your website has the best content, users will surely return to your blog to read more and more.
  2. Original Content – Always try to write as much original content as possible, duplicate content works, but it works against you.
  3. Solution – Try to provide answers or solutions to the readers through your blog or content, providing answers and solutions helps people to connect with your blog and they will surely return again.
  4. Call to action – Always publish content that asks people to take some kind of action. so that whenever users read your post, they are in some activity.
  5. Accuracy – Whenever you provide data to your readers, be very much accurate about it. People trust what they read on search engines and they expect you to provide right information too.
  6. Headlines – Last and the very very important one, Focus on writing the best headlines. Headline is the only thing that attracts readers to click on your post.

Publishing content over the website or a personal blog is also included in the category of Web publishing concept. This may also include updating websites and creating webpages.

Text, images, videos, and other types of media can be a part of web publishing concept.

Web Hosting And Publishing Concept

There are bloggers and affiliate marketers who understand the importance of both of these and also focus on both.

If you have purchased the best hosting but you do not have content on your website, You won’t be able to rank in search engines and the same is applied if you have good content but you don’t have a good hosting partner.

If you wish to win in the online world, it is very important to work hand in hand with web hosting and publishing concept.


Website hosting and publishing concept is overall to buy a good hosting service that helps your website to maintain good speed and publish good content on a regular basis to avoid that includes text, image videos and other media files, so users can get informative information through your website and blogs.

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