How to respond when client says you are expensive?

There are always some customers who say this to you.

Whenever a customer says that you are too expensive, we can’t afford you, or maybe your service is too costly or anything like that, How would you revert to it? 

Maximum of my clients say this to me while I’m in a meeting. At first I was unable to tackle the question.

I did some work later, and figured out how to address this question.

So, if your customer says you’re too costly, 

These are the three ways you can revert.

Offer them an alternative:

The best thing you can do is, sell them an alternative product when your customer thinks you’re too costly instead. You can say, thank you, sir, for showing your interest in the product, but if you believe this product is too costly then you can seek an alternative.

For example– If you sell a cell phone worth $800 and your customer can not afford it then you can give the customer an alternative phone that suits their budget.

Solve customer problems:

Ask him if he is satisfied with the product or services you are offering?

He will probably address this question by answering “Yes” or maybe “No.”

 If he says “No,” he is not satisfied, then ask him what he did not understand in particular, and you will clarify the particular part in-depth again, so that he can understand it perfectly.

He’d say yes, and probably buy the product.

If he still denies buying, ask him if the price would please him? There’s a 60-80 percent chance he’d reject you because of the price and no customer would tell you about that. So ask him directly if he is not happy with the price, Offer him EMI facility or part payment facility and continue with the contract. 

(this is not possible in all cases, but if possible in your case then go for it).

Move on:

When you’ve done your hardest and yet the consumer doesn’t want to buy the product or show any interest in it. Understand that customers wouldn’t always buy and move on with your offer. Do not waste your time with the same customer, but then approach some other customer who is very interested in purchasing your product.


Do not panic or get frustrated when your customer tells you that your prices are too high. Instead, show them the importance of your service or product.

Avoid giving the client’s excessive discounts. Always be confident in your costs, goods, and facilities.